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EON Connect


EON Connect enables you to be in total control of your home internet network.

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Change your Wi-Fi network name or password in a super easy and intuitive way. No technician needed! Stay safe while surfing the internet by blocking all content that might be insecure and harmful.

With Parental Control features, parents can stay on top of the internet content that their kids are exposed to, pause their devices from using the internet, or create a bedtime schedule that prevents kids from surfing the internet during the hours reserved for sleeping.

Features included:
- Changing Wi-Fi name and password
- Optimizing Wi-Fi experience
- Advanced network management features (changing Wi-Fi channel number and width, hiding a network, port forwarding, LAN & DHCP info, etc.)
- User profiles which help create a personalized experience for different family members
- Pausing the internet on certain devices
- Bedtime schedule for internet access restrictions on a specific profile
- Security options based on blocking domains with security issues (such as malware, phishing, spam, and similar security threats)
- Parental Control options which include blocking certain content categories, like Social networks, Adult content, Chat, Games, Gambling, Audio/Video etc.

To use EON Connect, you must have an account with one of the United Group’s operators. Read more
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