Electric screen - simulator

Electric screen - simulator


Realistic electric effects for your screen. Amaze your friends!

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Electric screen - simulator app

Tap your screen to generate an awesome lightning effect. For each touch, amazing and realistic smoke appears and also an electric sound can be heard.

The electricity effects and sounds simulate a lightning that is displayed on top of a transparent surface(your games and apps are still visible on your screen).

This game was created mainly for entertainment, you can use it for fun, as a screen saver, or to get rid of stress. Your friends will be amazed: our electric effects are based on a new and unique algorithm and you can be the first of your friends to download such a realistic screen simulator game! It's even possible that none of your acquaintances have seen an application that displays smoke and electric lightning.

Remember: there are no real electric currents in this game! It is only a simulator, a way to display smoke and lightning on your screen! Use it safely and enjoy it! Read more
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