Edge Lighting, Color Border

Edge Lighting, Color Border


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Edge Lighting, Color Border app

Round light rgb, color border, lighting color, always on edge to customize phone

Let's make your phone home screen amazing and impress your friends with cool color LED borders with Edge Lighting, Color Border

Apply wonderful edge border light wallpaper with stunning beautiful neon colors, lighting borders, color borders that will give gorgeous look to enhance your mobile display beauty.

Impressive Features of the Edge Lighting, Color Border App
✨ Make your phone's display colorful with cool edge lighting effects
✨ Adjust the edge lighting color, width, and change wallpaper
✨ Add aesthetic curved edge lightning
✨ Always on edge with color border and round light rgb
✨ Power up your style with fascinating caller screen themes
✨ Set the coolest 3D call screen transition effect to your backgrounds
✨ Charging animation to customize your phone's charging screen
✨ Collection of trend and popular ringtones
✨ Relaxing music for relaxing your body
✨ Live wallpapers to set your phone homepage or lockscreen
✨ Full HD wallpaper and 4K wallpaper to use as backgrounds.
✨ Extensive collection of beautiful, dynamic, and stylish edge lighting tones
✨ Add smooth and beautiful round corners live light into your
✨ Set 4K Backgrounds as wallpapers inside EDGE Lighting
✨ Fitted edge lighting for all types of screen: Infinity U, Infinity V, Display Notch, etc...
✨ Easily apply phone screen with colorful themes
✨ Customize your color border light themes from our gallery
✨ Color call flashlights remind you for incoming call
✨ Set your photo to set as wallpaper in between the lighting edge screen and edge music lighting
✨ Display notch settings, HD wallpapers, and Magical Edge Lighting.
✨ Make your background more shining with free live wallpapers

Selected and color border trend wallpapers categories such as Christmas, dynamic, neon, animals, architecture, round light RGB, backgrounds, food, emotions, music, edge music lighting, places, nature, science, travel, black Friday, Santa Clous, black aesthetic, girly pink aesthetic and collage wallpapers...

Are text emojis or sticker just not enough it anymore? Do you need a better way to say LOL, shocked, surprised? If you want your messages will be always on edge with round light RGB and color border. Maybe you just wanna say "I Love You", "Amazing", "Happy Christmas", "thumbs up”, “yes!“, “happy birthday”, or “deal with it”. We’ve got GIFs and Clips for that.

Edge Lighting, Color Borders acts like a live Wallpaper displays a moving colorful border around your phone screen edges and also edge music lighting. Always on edge with color border and round light rgb

Set edge border with animated effects and has all animated edge lighting wallpaper by using Edge Lighting, Color Border, Round Light RGB app.

You should choose the true edge for edge lighting to set color border. If you want to fix the round edge and lighting color, true edge and always on edge functions of app will be the right choice for your apps borderlight.

Get incredible wallpapers and background. Try our amazing always on edge and dynamic live HD aesthetic wallpapers! Round light rgb is amazing feature for your color border screen and borderlight

You can choose the edge borderline color of your own choice and also select the speed of the edge light. Make your mobile look so beautiful from all the edges of the screen with Edge Lighting, Color Borders App

Edge Lighting, Color Borders app shows changing light gradients moving across the border with different styles around the edge of your whole phone screen. Always on edge function with color border and round light rgb to customize your phone.

Download and fun Edge Lighting, Color Border app to let you use the entire edge of your display as a colorful light and change the style and color of the phone android device display Read more
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