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EasyTrade is a safe and convenient trading platform with the most popular financial market assets: the currency euro / dollar, the pound / dollar and many others, as well as other assets.

main features
Friendly tutorials for new users.
It will be very easy for new users to learn trading quickly. After learning, you will get more fun and expected things.

Flexible trading
We offer a 24 / 7 trading platform with several assets and some over-the-counter assets even support weekend trading.

Convenient withdrawal
Bank card and any one of more than 10 kinds of e-wallets are supported.

Help users learn quickly
We also specially provide each user with a virtual warehouse to experience the product.

24 / 7 customer service
The technical support team operates around the clock. Use chat services, email or voice calls to ask your questions and get a quick answer from our experts. We care about every customer.

Real time transaction execution
Real time quotation and fastest order execution.

1. Indian Resident
2. 18-65 years old

Contact Us:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Address: 15th Floor, HMG Ambassador Building ,Residency Road, Bangalore- 560025

General risk warning: the provision of financial services may bring high risks. Investors may lose all their investment capital. Read more
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