Ear Spy Pro : Super Ear

Ear Spy Pro : Super Ear


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Ear Spy Pro : Super Ear app

Deep hearing , Eavesdrop app, Ear and Hearing Booster or Super Hearing !

This is a free application heleps you to improve your hearing and give you a power and volume booster of any sound arround you, it could be named ear spy or deep hearing booster.

The main idea of this app is to listen to the mic or microphone of your android device and transfert it directly in real time to the speaker of your phone, so depending on the quality of your phone you will get a good sound and a better measurement of the deep sounds, also this app it can become a high-powered listening device (like a hearing aid).

Whether you want to listen to nature, have a conversation, or just hear the TV better, this app aims to give you super hearing and improve what you hear. There's more going on around you than you might realize. It's time to hear it.

Please note : This app is not make your phone like a surveillance device, it just augments the sound and your hearing.

This app is a ear and Hearing Booster just like a super ear in sci-fi movies.hearing sound and amplifier on this app will give you an audio amplifier just next to your ear so this give you a super hearing and make you hear better than your normal ear, however with this app you will return back to years of cold war and like professional or secret agent in movies that tool get like that and will improve what you hearing arround your world.

<< ---Features--- >>

=> Amazing User Interface UI.
=> Settings and equalizer for more quality of sounds.
=> Indoors amplifier.
=> Boost or max botton to amplifer better the deep sounds.
=> Aid instructions to help you for how to use the app.

<< ---Disclaimer --- >>

=> Please use this app with responsibly and do not use it or ear spy for any authorized actions.
=> Please Don't eavesdrop your neighborhood or next room in your house using this app,
=> This app is not like a spy game or spy ear agent, just allows you to hear better the world around and does not violate any privacy of anyone.

Warning : You must use headphones before powered up this app and if you don't use them you will get an awful audio feedback !! Read more
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