Dual N-Back : Brain-Training

Dual N-Back : Brain-Training


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Dual N-Back : Brain-Training game

Train Brain By Memory-Games. Dual N-Back will improve working memory for brain.

Dual N-back is a memory training game that involves presenting two sequences (audio and visual) simultaneously. Studies have shown that this brain training improves a person’s working memory, math ability and short-term memory among others. Practice 30 minutes daily and your fluid intelligence may increase by 40% in 2 weeks!

The game will start with a default level 2, N=2...where you have to remember the position (square) and the sound (letter) from two turns back (N back). Once the position or sound matches, you have to click the corresponding button, respectively.

You can change the default setting as you prefer. Good performance will get you to level up, or manually set the level that you prefer.

Increase your brain power! Have a fluid mind and maximize your intelligence. This is not an easy game so fail over and over and exercise your willpower muscle! A challenging gameplay experience! It takes a few days and you gain the skill for the rest of your life. Read more
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