DMS Explorer (DLNA Player)

DMS Explorer (DLNA Player)


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DMS Explorer (DLNA Player) app

This is a kind of DLNA player.

This is a DLNA player featuring displaying server and content metadata.
DMC function is also implemented and can be make play back to DMR.
Source code is published under the Open source license (MIT license).

This app's feature is to information display about DLNA server (DMS) and its contents.
Since the playback function uses the codec of the device, which file can be played depends on the device.
For example, in the case of movies, if it is a format compliant with the Android standard such as H.264 / VP8 / VP9, it seems playable on almost all devices.
Some devices may be able to play MPEG 1 / MPEG 2 / WMV / DivX, etc.
If you can not play it, you can launch the external application in settings so please try it.

As one of the playback methods, the DMC function is implemented.
If you have a TV with DMR function on the same network, you can make DMS contents play back to DMR.
If the DMR supports it, DTCP-IP content playback is also possible.
Also, if you have a SONY recorder such as nasne, or Panasonic recorder, you can use chapter jump function.

Although it carries the minimum playback function of movies, still images and music, it features a metadata display function of server and contents rather than usability as a player.
Since information on ARIB extension tag (arib:longDescription, etc) is also displayed, detailed program information can be seen if recorder etc is compatible.
Also, if the program information contains a URL, it will automatically act as a link.

- Although I can not guarantee to incorporate opinions, I will wait for troubleshooting reports and requests for functions etc. from time to time.
- Since 0.7.6, I have introduced Firebase SDK (Analytics, Crashlytics) for collecting crash information.
- It does not correspond to playback of copyright protected contents (DTCP-IP). And there is no plan of correspondence
- Because of development in personal hobby range, equipment is not able to procure sufficiently. It would be greatly appreciated if you have any problems, please contact me with details of the equipment and details.
- Because the chapter jump is not a standard function (it is the manufacturer's own specification function), Implementation is required for each manufacturer. Currently this only support Sony and Panasonic products owned by the author. It would be greatly appreciated if you can contact me if you have other manufacturer's information.
- The source code of this application and the UPnP library is published under the MIT license at GitHub.
DLNA Player for Android
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) ControlPoint library for Java

Abount Permissions
This app is displayed as requesting the following permission.
These are used for Wi-Fi, DLNA communication and Firebase-crash reporting. And "prevent device from sleeping" is used to continue the Wi-Fi connection during playback.
- Wi-Fi connection information
- view Wi-Fi connections
- Other
- receive data from Internet
- view network connections
- full network access
- prevent device from sleeping

Equipment investigated
- SONY nasne
- SONY BDP-S6700
- Panasonic DMR-BRZ1020
- Synology DS 216j
- Kodi (Windows)
- Universal Media Server (Windows/Linux)

- Kodi (Windows)
- SONY BDP-S6700
- Panasonic DMR-BRZ1020

For those who can cooperate in providing information
You can use the following tools (PC with Java installed is necessary) to suck out all information of the DMS. Please send this information to me. However, please be aware that it also knows what content is contained in the server or recorder. Read more
Read more