Diitalk: Call Free, Chat, Earn

Diitalk: Call Free, Chat, Earn


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Diitalk: Call Free, Chat, Earn app

Make FREE International Calls with or without Internet, chat, & earn rewards!

Diitalk is the FIRST and ONLY app that lets you make FREE calls to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, with or WITHOUT INTERNET, while REWARDING YOU for your usage!

Are you sick of communication apps that limit where, when, how, and who you can call/chat with? What about apps with lots of paid-content, but almost no free content? Us too. Are you ready for something better?

Say hello to Diitalk, a new type of free, rewarded communication app.

Diitalk rewards you for your free calls and messages, allowing you to unlock content for free, chat with anyone, and make free phone calls directly to any mobile or landline number—with or without Internet.

With Diitalk you can earn rewards while you make free calls and send free messages! Diitalk is 100% free and has no hidden fees.

What are you waiting for? Start Calling, Messaging, & Earning!

◆ No smartphone? No WiFi? No Internet? — NO PROBLEM! ◆

With Diitalk you’re always free to call—even to people who don’t have the app, don’t have a smartphone, and/or don’t have Internet.

•Your friend has Diitalk? App-to-App call them & earn rewards while you do it.
•Your brother doesn’t have Diitalk? Dial his phone number directly.
•Your grandma doesn’t have a smartphone? Call her landline phone.
•You only have cell service? You can still make free international calls, no data/wifi required!

◆ How Does Diitalk Work? ◆

Download Diitalk -> Make free international calls using Dii Coins -> Add friends -> Chat with friends ->Send fun media messages & make an unlimited amount of free phone calls -> Earn tons of bonus Dii Coins -> Get 1000+ unique & free stickers -> Have fun!

◆ What Does Diitalk Do? ◆

•Direct Free Phone Calls*
Use your Dii Coins to make free phone calls to any phone number, or, make an unlimited amount of free calls to other Diitalk users & unlock rewards while you do it!

•Internet Callback*
Don’t want to use your phone’s data on calling? Do an Internet Callback! You only need Internet to start free calls. Once the call connects, no Internet is required!
*Cellular service or a landline connection required

•SMS Callback*
You have no Internet access, but you want to make free international calls? With an SMS Callback, no Internet is required— you can make free international calls with only a cellular connection! Diitalk creates & formats an SMS for you to send. The SMS tells us your number & what number you want to call. You send an SMS— we call both numbers and connect you together.
*Cellular service or a landline connection required

Send free messages, photos, videos, stickers, locations & more! Diitalk is a fast, reliable, safe, free messaging app with all of the chat features that you want & expect!

Diitalk offers more high-quality, unique, free stickers than any other app.

•Dii Rewards
The more calls you make, and messages you send, the more free Dii Coins you earn! Dii Coins can be spent on free international calls to any mobile & landline phone number, and on in-app content purchases.

•Bonus Credits
Not enough Dii Coins? No problem! Check-in daily, invite friends, watch videos, play games, check out flyers, fill-in surveys, and/or complete offers to easily get tons of bonus Dii Coins for free. With so many ways to earn, you’ll never run out for long!

You can also purchase CHEAP Dii Coin packs, which come with tons of BONUS Dii Coins!

◆ Why Diitalk? ◆
Think of us as an ad-supported free phone call company similar to popular video & music services. Instead of making you pay for calls and in-app content, we get our advertisers to pay, and we reward you for your usage.

Think it’s too good to be true? Download & find out!
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*carrier-imposed fees may apply Read more
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