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South Indian Dice game - Aeroplane dhayam - Indian version of Ludo

Dhayam or Dhayakattai or Thayam is an ancient game originated down the south of India in Tamilnadu. This game is all about strategy and decision making.

The game is played on a geometrical sequence rolling a pair of dice (rolling the dice decides the move). There are different patterns adopted for playing Dhayam and the one you are about to play here is popularly known as Aeroplane Dhayam amongst the Tamilians.

History reports the game was played by the Royals in their court and later after centuries the common people took this game to their houses. Flipping the pages of epic Mahabharatha , Pandavas & Kauravas were well known for playing this game.

Sharper your decisive skills, higher the chance of victory. You will be left with n-number of coins and move combinations also considering future outcomes to decide on the best strategical move for the current turn.

Strategy is the key, this game does not rely only on luck (or) random outcome of the dice. You need to decisively capture safe house, protect coins that are outside safe house, place coins in place where the chance of capturing it is less.

This game increases your strategic thinking, and sharpens decision making skill. This game is similar to Ludo.

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