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Jackpot Domino game online boneyard multiplayer private table tiles gesture bone

Dekabès or Jackpot Domino is an app representing the domino board game played around the globe. It is the most realistic domino game on the market and it’s only the first version out. The first version came out in 2021 and please stay with us to see how we slowly but surely will become the most realistic domino app out there. In this version most Caribbeans will be able to accommodate the way they play domino by adjusting the settings.

You can play Dekabès or Jackpot Domino with 2, 3 or 4 players.

2 players mode in Dekabès or Jackpot Domino includes block game and draw game. In draw game each player starts with 7 dominoes and if you pass you need to search for a domino or bones that you can play in the boneyard. In block game you can play with 7 or 14 dominoes. The 14 dominoes is particularly entertaining for 2 players at the same level.

3 players mode in Dekabès or Jackpot Domino game is played with 9 dominoes each and double blank is removed.

4 players mode in Dekabès or Jackpot Domino game can be played with 2 teams or without team. When playing with teams online you can use gesture to communicate with your teammate. Try our gestures and see how fun it can get if your partner understands each of your move.

Dekabès or Jackpot Domino includes a leader board. Compete with people around the globe and with the computer to score points. You can score and lose points depending on the outcome of the round.

A lot of domino players are not used to the term Jackpot or Dekabès in dominoes. The terms mean winning in both side of the tiles on the table. You can’t score a Dekabès or Jackpot with a double, you can only do it with other dominoes. When that happen you double your score in the round. Normally winning a round gives you 1 winning round but if you win a round with a Dekabès or Jackpot you will score 2 winning rounds instead of 1. Let’s see how you will enjoy to score your Dekabès/Jackpot.

In dominoes there is a situation when no one can play because the domino is closed or blocked. An example is when you have six at both end of the tiles and there is no more six in the hand of the players. In that case you count point and the player with the lowest point wins. The situation can also arise when playing block game with 2 players and neither player have the right domino to play. When the domino is blocked the player with the lowest points in hand wins. If two players have the lowest amount of points and they are not on the same team its a tie game (deuce) and the next round counts for 2 or 4 if someone scores a Dekabes or Jackpot. When two players have similar level of skills they will have some tie games, after a tie game you need good mental ability to continue and score that 2 or 4 points round.

This game is designed to accommodate players around the globe hence there are a lot of settings that can be used to adjust it to your preference. Configure the domino game you are used to play so you can have real life experience while using the app. Feel free to send us message if you can’t configure it the way you want, we will slowly but surely accommodate everyone in this game.

Finally we have create a private table mode where you can play with your friend even if you are not at the same location. Or you are at the same location but forgot your doms, bones, tiles, don’t worry we have your back. Just download the app and create a private table to play together and have fun.

Some aspect of the Dekabès or Jackpot domino is not controlled by the users, for example after each run the shuffle of the domino is handled by the AI. For now there is only one music in the game. It is either you listen to it or mute it and put your own music. There will be more music added to it over time.

The game is available both in the google play store and app store. We will over time accommodate more platforms so please follow us everywhere to be the first to know about new developments. Read more
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