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Dehla Pakad Perfect game

Best AI Bot players, offline single player Dehla pakad ( Mindi Kot ) Card Game.

We Introduce the Dehla Pakad card game for a single player to play offline with strongest bot players as game name perfect which will never disappoint you. they are very fair and smart players. if you are not familiar with this game than take a tour below.


The Dehla Pakad (catching 10s ) game is a very famous card game of India. It is played in many names and versions around the world Like Mindi ( also stands card 10 of any suit ). Mindicot or Mindikot, Mendicoat, Mendikot, court piece, Hokm (spade), Chokadi, rung, etc.
It is usually played with 4 players. There are two teams in it. The result of the game depends mainly on the 10s in tricks, hence its name is on the same Dehla Pakad (catching 10s or Mindi )as the bride.
It is very easy to play this game, but for whom some strategies are required. Which comes with experience only on gameplay. That is why it is said to be a game of smart people.


The main aim of the game to hold all 4 10s cards in our team tricks to beat your opponent team with the coat (downstream). This is a tricky game, but the result of victory is decided from the 10s cards ( Dehla or Mindi). The team that brings more 10s cards to its tricks, is a winning team. If both teams get equal 10s cards in their tricks, then the winner is determined by counting the tricks of both the teams which makes the team more trick and they win.
How to play:-

If there are two teams, the first team A has two players, Player A1 and Player A2, and so on Team B, with two players Player B1 and Player B2.
1. Firstly all the players sit in such a way that the next player is from the other team. Respectively Player A1, Player B1, Player A2, Player B2 After player B2, Player A1 again. You must have understood
2. All the players are randomly chosen from a dealer.
3. Player B2 Dealer was chosen to accept Player B2 gives 13 13 cards to all players.
4. The player coming after the dealer player B2, which is the player A1, runs the first Chaal. After that the second and so on till the last player, all the players go to Chaal.
5. The player who won the trick now runs the first Chaal.
6. Similarly, the game continues until all the cards are ended.
7. Trump fixation and coat or Kot are explained in the lower detail.

Kot and what winning a Kot?

Kot occurs when a team holds all 4 10s cards ( Dehla or Mindi ) in their tricks. Then it is said that the winning team gave Kot to the losing team.
When losing team is the dealer’s team, then Kot goes from one player to the other player and the dealer is of the same team, but the second one.
If there is a team dealing team is the winner team, then the deal is transferred to another player of the opponent team which player is next to the dealer.

Trump decides: 

The number of methods is used to decide the trump card as players want. But in this game, we have used to a simple method to decide trump.
Trump is not decided at the beginning of the game but trump is decided is during the game and it could be anyone from the four players who can declare the trump. Suppose player A1 and A2 are in team teamA and B1 and B2 are in teamB. Now during the game suppose player A1 plays a card from hearts and player B1 doesn't have a card from hearts, player B1 will play a card from some other suit and whatever suit player B1 plays, becomes the trump for that game. 

when you play this game physically with friends or family members than Card dealing in this game is considered hard work and wages, so whenever a team is dealing, its rival team makes fun of him, which makes the game the best by entertainment.

features of the game :
6 backgrounds and 6 card backgrounds you can change during gameplay
Easy and Hard Game Mode available
fair and smart bot players
the simple but attractive UI design
support all phones and tablets
less in size only 3.5 MB

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