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Day Counter. Count Up & Down app

Nice productivity timer: unlimited birthdays, habits countdowns and count-ups

Day Counter helps you countdown and remember special moments that matter to you.
★ Countdown and count up to your events!
★ Home screen widget
★ Beautiful experience
★ Countdown reminders

Day Counter is a free customizable counting app with 2 different modes: count up and countdown. It tracks your days since or days until your big event. This user-friendly day count helps you keep an eye on all the upcoming tasks, meetings, special events, deadlines in your personal calendar every day. Equipped with this countdown clock, you will always remember your friend's birthday or anniversary.

Use the counting in your work to complete assignments on time, to remember about every club’s meetings party in your school as a baby, vacation, Halloween, Easter or Christmas countdown. Let date calculator remind days since or days until for you!

Why choose this day-count app?
- Enjoy accurate countdown timer and count up mode
- Set an unlimited number of events every day
- Get personalized notifications and never forget about any special events
- Stay on top of past occasions of the week, month or year
- Keep track of your long-term goals
- Build new habits and track your progress.

Possible countdown timers:
- Christmas & New Year Countdown
- Birthdays
- Wedding event
- Time till Halloween
- Days until your exam
- Time till Holidays

Possible count up timers:
- Sober counter
- Together counter
- Stop Smoking сount up
- Habit Tracker

Your personal productivity app assistant controls time for you. Whether it is an exam at school or an exam at work coming, the date calculator will become a valuable reminder for you to make everything done on time. Simply plan your week or month and set up countdowns in the day planner. Be sure, you'll never miss out on an important event in your calendar and will have some free time for yourself.

Day count app offers 2 different counting modes: countdown and count up. Countdown timer or countdown clock suits well to those who want to know how much time is left till the event starts. You can simply count days, hours, minutes, and even seconds till the best moment in life! All life and work events are now easier to track with this user-friendly date calculator.

What can be more cheerful and beautiful than someone's Birthday? What can disappoint? If you forget about someone's birthday. Never let it happen again with this date calculator app. Simply choose an event countdown mode and name the counter with your friend's or family member's name to remember the date in your calendar. When b-day comes, you're ready!

Nothing can be more important than healthy and good habits in your daily life as they become the core of happy and healthy living! Started doing yoga every morning, running every evening, quit smoking already, reading a book, not using social media more than 2 hours a day? It's time to celebrate your achievements! Just create a counter in the productivity app Day Counter and begin tracking time since the event.

Whether you're treating serious your decision to stop drinking or just doing it for fun, you can track time with this minimalist and simple countdown timer. All you need is to create a count-up counter and name it the way you want to know how many days have passed since your sobriety.

Running streak? Reading streak? Embroidery streak? Social media off streak? Gaming streak? It all counts! With this date calculator app counting streak days has never been so easy - 2 steps: create a counter and save it! The productivity app will count days for you - you only track time when it's convenient for you.

Get Day Counter — event countdown and count up — the app with no ads! Hurry up to start 365 days counting journey!
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