Dark Sky Data By Local Weather

Dark Sky Data By Local Weather


Hyperlocal weather, local weather radar and weather forecast with Dark Sky Data

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Dark Sky Data By Local Weather app

Dark Sky Data By Local Weather is a weather app with Dark sky data for android that:

- Track storms, and rain with a local weather map.
- Know the present weather condition of every city in the US such as Colorado, Newyork, Los Angeles, Chicago, and many more
- Watch the temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity, pressure, future weather condition, and more with the local weather forecasts.
-Prepare rain, snow, and spring storm local weather alerts.
-Schedule today, current and upcoming with weather conditions & weather news.
-Check the doppler radar map with the weather forecast to view storms, lightning, and rain with an animated map.
- Set weather widgets on the home screen with notification
- Get always accurate weather data ( Dark Sky weather data used )

✅ Choose any location to get local weather conditions with dark sky data
✅ Hourly, daily, weekly, ten days, today, local weather forecast for current weather location & news.
✅Contain local weather conditions with doppler weather radar.
✅Consist of each local city's precipitation, temperature, wind, humidity, UV index, pressure, visibility, and coverage parameters.

✅ Learn when it will rain with reliable dark sky data.
✅ Next hour rain prediction (change of rain) in the chart which you exactly need.
✅ Weather alerts (warning) for upcoming local weather conditions with notification
✅ Weather forecast summary on the home screen.
✅ Radar forecast for the next hour, day, and week.

✅ Real-time rain storm radar map (doppler radar) in live animation.
✅ Background animation depending on current weather conditions.
✅Choose local doppler radar for your location.
✅Track meteorological conditions with live doppler radar

✅ Custom interactive hourly weather graphs.
✅ Add and remove local or any city
✅ Get a weather alert before the precipitation.
✅ See the next hour rain widget on the homepage on the screen.
✅ Set 5 transparent widgets and weather condition info in the notifications section.
✅ Customize sunrise-sunset and moon phases.

Meteorological Parameters Shown:
★ The possibility of rain (rain, snow, windy, sunny ...)
★ Satellite cloud images
★ Temperature
★ Feels like temperature
★ Average wind direction and speed
★Maximum wind speed observed
★ Humidity

Dark Sky Data By Local Weather app can be extremely useful in keeping track of weather conditions in your area by doing the following:
Give you hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts & severe weather alerts.
Weather widgets can give you a quick glance at the weather conditions.
Radar maps can help you track precipitation in your area.
Local weather apps can help you keep an eye on weather conditions in your specific area. Read more
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