CoPilot-Buy Smarter: Cars, SUVs, & Trucks

CoPilot-Buy Smarter: Cars, SUVs, & Trucks


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CoPilot-Buy Smarter: Cars, SUVs, & Trucks app

Your CoPilot expert removes the hassle from shopping for new and used cars.

Frustrated with the grind of car shopping? CoPilot removes the hassle from car shopping and buying so you save time and find the best new, nearly-new or used car for your money. Your CoPilot searches every dealer in your area for the best cars matching what you are looking for, creating easy to review curated and ranked lists. With the CoPilot car buying app in your palm, you can shop, buy and own with confidence.

There’s no trick prices or bait-and-switch tactics - just unbiased, expert insights arming you to buy a new, nearly-new or used car with confidence. Unlike traditional car shopping apps, we’re independent, honest & 100% free. How do we make money? Tips from satisfied CoPilot members.

Just tell us what you are looking for and we will research the internet to find premium, feature-loaded new, nearly-new and used cars, SUVs and trucks for sale near you that you won’t find elsewhere. You’ll get clear, easy-to-understand car ratings and reviews that tell you whether to buy, pause, or walk away - plus deep insights to help you negotiate the best price for a new, nearly-new or used car. Our experts will check everywhere for the best matches, down to specific features you’re seeking so you can shop for a new or used car with real confidence. Other benefits of using CoPilot, the best app for car buying:

- Just tell us what you want in a car. We’ll search everywhere for the best matches, down to the specific features you are seeking.
- See a curated short list of your best buys - fine-tuned by your personal expert and updated daily.
- Unlike some car search apps like, CARFAX, CarMax, Carvana, and Autotrader, we do the heavy lifting and provide curated results. So there’s no endless scrolling and digging. We only show you cars for sale near you that match your needs and tell you why they are great buys and hidden gems.
- How do I snag the very best deal on used cars near me? Get real-time updates and price drop alerts on your top picks from the CoPilot car shopping app.
- Find ratings and reviews of nearly-new and used cars, trucks and SUVs loaded with premium features & see how much you can save compared to buying new.

We never take money from new and used car dealers or manufacturers. We work for you, not them.
- Our recommendations are 100% unbiased & neutral. If we show you a car, truck or SUV it’s because we think you’ll love it.
- We’re transparent about the vehicles listed in our car buying app. You can always see dealer contact information, ratings, and reviews.
- Completely free for you to use - now & always. We make our money from tips from happy new, nearly new and used car buyers.

- Not just car facts! We’re a car compare app and crunch all the numbers (e.g. car mileage, features & more) to give you a simple recommendation: buy, wait, or move on.
- Make a confident choice with our expert insights. We tap into hidden data that car dealers try to keep secret - like price background, auction history, accident reports, and more.
- Get proven negotiating and car buying tips to shop and buy a car with confidence.
- Want to trade in your old car? Forget “book values” - we know the value on the dealer’s screen.

-After you buy your car, CoPilot remains by your side removing any hassles of owning a new car. This car app will make sure you get the best price on services and help you maintain your vehicle, including finding the best deals on car insurance.

- Your own car expert is just one chat away.
- Questions? Ask away. We’ve helped thousands of people find the right car, and you’re next.
- We aren’t happy until you find a car you love. Seriousl Read more
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