Cop Car Driving Simulator: Police Car Chase Games

Cop Car Driving Simulator: Police Car Chase Games


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Get ready for hot pursuit to chase down the criminals in police chase games.

Welcome to the Cop Car Driving Simulator: Police Car Chase Games. This Cop car game is a action fun package game in which you will have to chase car thief's. You will love this Cop Car Driving Simulator: Police Car Chase Games which has multiple functionalities and many unique features. Like a expert car driver chase car thief and smash their cars. In car thief games act as a responsible police officer and do your police chase games duty. Drive modern cop cars in the car chase games city environment with your fast driving skills. Use powerful police cars to eliminate the crime from the city in this car driving games. In this Cop Car Driving Simulator: Car Thief Games your duty will be to act as a city police officer and your duty will be to chase down the criminals who are trying to escape in their modern cars in car thief games. Chase down the criminal cars and smash their cars to burn them in police car games. Show the world that you are the best cop chaser in car driving games

Beware of the criminals shooting cars because if they see you, they will open fire as soon as they see you their map in cop car games. The police car shooting game is a highway racing pursuit. It is a combat car chase games in which you will be given a task of cashing the thief car. The criminals in the city are very active they are robbing the banks and shops and after that runaway in their sports cars in this cop car games. You job in this car escape games are finding out about these criminals and catch them when they are planning a robbery. Know about their next target from your intel and then prepare your police car to chase them down in this car escape games. Upgrade your cars so that you chase the criminal cars easily in this car simulator games. Chase them and arrest them so that city can stay in peace in cop car games. After arresting criminals, you will get rewarded through which you can upgrade you police car in car escape games.

The thief will have to evade police in a cop chase. You will get the real driving experience of the pursuit police chasing 2021. It is a free new driving simulator games of 2021. You will get the real fun of the 3d police racing games. Driving simulator games have excellent controls and it will be easy for you to handle your cop car easily in police chase games.

Driving simulator games contains simple missions in you will need to follow the map to pick up speed boosters which can be helpful in chasing the thief cars and to shoot down the enemy vehicles in car chase games. You can destroy the target by smashing your cop car into them or by shooting them with modern car weapons from a range. In some missions of car chase games, you will have to race with other police vehicles. Be careful while turning your car on sharp turns or hurdles in your way in car driving games. Use the booster where it is necessary to win the race or to chase the criminal in police chase games.

We have introduced two modes for police racing games. One is thief chasing in which you will have to chase, hit and catch the running thief and other one is that you will have to race along with other police cars to defeat them and to show the world that you are the expert driver of this police racing games.

Cop Car Driving Simulator: Criminal Escape Games Features
???? Realistic and Stunning Graphics
???? Easy On-Screen Controls
???? Different challenging missions
???? Various luxury police cars
???? Realistic 3D city environment Read more
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