Cocobi Animal Rescue-Care, kid

Cocobi Animal Rescue-Care, kid


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Cocobi Animal Rescue-Care, kid game

The little dinosaur friends' animal rescue game. Enjoy the fun game for kids!

Cocobi rescue team! There’s an emergency!
Animals living in the grassland and forest are in danger!
Save the animals and complete missions!

■ 6 Animals!
-Lion: Hyenas chase the lion off the cliff. Pull the lion back up!
-Elephant: The elephant falls into a mud pit. Get the elephant out!
-Zebra: The tsetse flies attack the zebra’s skin! Help the zebra.
-Monkey: The monkey falls off the tree. Untangle the monkey from the vine.
-Crocodile: A log gets stuck in the crocodile’s jaws. Fix the crocodile’s teeth!
-Hippo: The hippo gets a sunburn. Treat its burn.

■ Cocobi rescue team mission!!
-Rescue: Use rescue tools to save the animals
-Treat Injury: Help animals get better
-Mini-game: Play the run game with animals and avoid obstacles
-Sticker Game: Collect awesome stickers

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■ Hello Cocobi
Cocobi is a special dinosaur family. Coco is the brave older sister and Lobi is the little brother full of curiosity. Follow their special adventure on the dinosaur island. Coco and Lobi live with their mom and dad, and also with other dinosaur families on the island.

■ The lion, monkey, and elephant are in danger! Join the brave Cocobi rescue team to help the animals

■ The savannah’s lion has a great mane and sharp teeth
-Rescue: Hyenas chase the lion over the cliff. Rescue the lion hanging on the cliff.
-Heal: The lion is hurt. Heal its wounds. Clean the lion’s mane too!
-Care: Trim the lion's messy mane!
-Mini-game: The lion is feeling better. Show the naughty hyenas the power of the animal king!

■ The giant elephant has an ivory tusk and uses its trunk like a hand.
-Rescue: The mud pit is too deep for the elephant to escape. Tie the elephant with a strong rope and pull it out
-Heal: The elephant can’t breathe. Its nose is full of mud. Clean the nose
-Care: Wash away the mud with soap and a brush
-Mini-game: Spray water at the bad eagles that bothered the elephant

■ The savannah’s zebra has cool black and white stripes.
-Rescue: Disease carrying tsetse files attach the zebra. Chase them away with the laser gun
-Heal: Heal the zebra’s skin disease from the tsetse fly bite. Remove the germs hiding in the fur
-Care: The zebra lost its hair. Spray some hair growth spray
-Mini-game: Run with the cool zebra to search for food. Watch out for the farting skunk and scary lion!

■ Cute monkeys in the trees of the jungle!
-Rescue: A rhino bangs into a tree and the monkeys fall. Rescue the monkeys from the tangled vines.
-Heal: The monkey’s tailbone is injured from the fall. Detangle the vines and align the monkey’s tailbone
-Care: Help! Remove the thorns stuck on the monkey.
-Mini-game: Jump along the vines to reach the banana tree. Watch out for scary crocodiles and snakes!

■ The swamp’s scary hunter, the crocodile!
-Rescue: Help! The crocodile's snout is stuck in the log. Its legs are too short to push the log out.
-Heal: The crocodile's jaw is full of germs! Remove the germs and treat its teeth
-Care: Brush away the germs on the crocodile’s teeth
-Mini-game: Avoid the trash in the swamp and hunt for fish!

■ The hippo has a giant mouth!
-Rescue: The hippo’s skin is sensitive to sunlight. Help the hippo get away from the heat.
-Heal: Heal the hippo’s sunburns
-Care: Wrap bandages to prevent germs infections
-Mini-game: The healthy hippo has returned to the water! Chase away bad flies with the hippo’s fart Read more
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