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Claw Machine Master-OnlineClaw


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Claw Machine Master-OnlineClaw game

Operate claw machine online! Crane Machine Master - free-to-play claw machines!

Master claw machine games with Crane Master!
■ Recommended online claw machine game app ■
- Realistic reproduction of claw machine controls
- Fun, without the risk, for even UFO catcher novices!
- Enjoy playing claw machines popular at game arcades
- Practice on the free-to-play machine
- Crane Master is your sure bet for online claw machine games!

■ What is Crane Master? ■
Crane Master is an online claw machine game app where you can enjoy playing popular arcade claw machines and UFO catchers wherever you want, whenever you want.
Items you win are delivered to your home! Use free delivery tickets for free delivery.
Popular and recommended items, such as realistic figurines, popular character merchandise (including soft toys), miscellaneous items, toys, and candy, are procured everyday.

In-game footage is crystal clear, and the claw machine feels realistic thanks to the minimal lag. Even first-timers can enjoy this online claw machine through the intuitive controls.

All game-play videos are saved making it easy to share moments of joy with your friends and family through social media!
You can also watch your video replays or videos of other players obtaining items to help practice and learn different techniques to improve your claw master skills.

■ How to Play Crane Master ■
1. Pick a claw machine to play based on the type of game or items!
2. Start your game once you've chosen your machine!
3.When it's your turn, control the real-life claw machine using the buttons that appear onscreen!
4. Have fun while you win prizes! Take consecutive turns with the Continue option so you can play with peace of mind if you don't win!
5. Items you have won are delivered to your home! Use free delivery tickets for free delivery!
6. Get free play tickets and points through login bonuses and events!

■ Important Info ■
In-game footage and lag when controlling the machine may occur if your internet connection is unstable.
As this is an online claw machine app, please make sure you play in an environment with a good internet connection to make the most of your experience.

Please agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy found in the following before using the app.
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Official Crane Master Account

■ Recommended OS ■
Android 5.0 or above

■ Recommended Internet Connection ■

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■ Privacy Policy ■

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