Classic Rummy Plus- Free Card Game

Classic Rummy Plus- Free Card Game


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Classic Rummy Plus- Free Card Game game

Earn millions of chips and win super high bonus via AI tech!

This is a 2-player card game, combining elements of Rummy, Cribbage, Carioca and Euchre. The main feature of our game is offline mode and high bet. You will never run out of chips. We always send you millions of chips as gifts so that you can play in the high bet room at any time.

You can collect a straight flush (at least three cards of the same suit) or a deck (three or four cards of different suits). You need at least two straights before the scoring begins. Also, one of the straights must not contain a trump card!

At each round, you have to collect a card and give up a card. If your cards are straight flushes and decks for the first time, you will absolutely be the winner! This game belongs to you! The sooner you reach this goal, the closer the distance between you and the championship! Read more
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