Clashot: Take pics, make money

Clashot: Take pics, make money


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Clashot: Take pics, make money app

Clashot: Take photos. Sell photos. Earn money!

Do you take lots of interesting and high-quality photos? Start earning money from them!

The free Clashot app helps you to take, publish and sell your photos.

How does it work?

Clashot is a photobank in your pocket, that helps you to earn money by taking photos and selling them at Depositphotos.

Take photos in any genre or subject area, and upload them online with the help of Clashot.

After a brief moderation process, your photos will be available for millions of buyers on Depositphotos – one of the largest photobanks in the world.

You’ll get commissions from each sale of your photo. Please note that one photo can be sold an unlimited number of times to an unlimited number of people. And you can withdraw the money you earn in several convenient ways.

No need to agonize over looking for subjects and objects for your photos: in this app, you can always look at what your friends and other Clashot users are shooting, as well as look through photos deemed the best and most popular.

Clashot’s mission is to help you to start earning money for your creative works and to make sure that your best photos can be found by those users who are looking for them, and ready to pay for them.

Shortly after you complete the Clashot installation and registration process, you may receive offers to upload pictures which have a particular theme or common subject. Clashot sends out these offers on its own, or on behalf of partners and advertisers, to collect images for specific reasons. Offers can be profitable for Clashot users, because the best photos are redeemed at a special price, which can be up to 50 times higher than Depositphotos prices!

Clashot properties and features:

  • • It’s a free app

  • • The simple registration process is the easiest way to become a contributor to the Depositphotos photobank, with no exams or verification

  • • There are lots of interesting and talented users: make new acquaintances, have creative discussions, experience and exchange new ideas

  • • You can register and enter through your existing social media accounts

  • • “One-click” mobile photo uploading

  • • Comfortable user interface and newsfeed

  • • Detailed statistical reports and information on earnings

  • • Convenient withdrawal system: you can withdraw money using PayPal or Skrill

Download the app for free! Let your creativity bring you profit!
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