Clash of Animal

Clash of Animal


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Clash of Animal game

Collect various animals, and create your own animal legion.

Clash of Animal is a simple and interesting free strategy game, where you can collect multiple kinds of animals, form the legion, and break through various challenges.
At present, there are more than 50 animals waiting for you to unlock. Each animal has its own unique fighting modes, so you can match them flexibly and defeat the strong by the weak. Please come to create and strengthen your unique animal legion as soon as possible!

There are also other playing methods for you to try.
*【Money Reward Tasks】After completing these tasks, you can get the abundant rewards. Certainly, some tasks are rather tough.
*【Relic Hunter】The ancient epic giant beasts come to attack. Please try whether you can resist.
*【Sanctum of Fusion】Evolve and evolve!
*【Arena】This is the place where you can compete with other players and show your strength. Read more
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