Chibi Island: Farm & Adventure

Chibi Island: Farm & Adventure


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Chibi Island: Farm & Adventure game

Build your farm village on a mysterious island. Enjoy paradise jungle adventures

Welcome to Chibi island, a fascinating farming adventure game where you can explore a mysterious island, harvest crops, get resources, craft and build your farm town.

Chibi Island is not just a farm simulation or village farming game: it’s a thrilling jungle adventure, where you explore lost lands and discover ancient mysteries, solve puzzles and also enjoy a great mission that only you can complete! Dip in the exciting world of mysteries - the island adventure is already waiting for you!

So, what’s now? Let’s start our journey to the paradise island! Join a group of brave explorers and help uncover the mystery of the Pyramid, a mystical artifact from ages past! You'll need to settle in first, though. Explore the jungle island, find the hidden treasure, and don't forget to upgrade and decorate your farm town! Be sure to befriend the island residents so they can help you in your adventures!

Chibi Island Features:

???? A dynamic story. What secrets does this paradise island have? Complete quests on your way through these mysterious lands and let the story unfold before you!
????A farm with a huge variety of structures. Farm, grow crops, gather a harvest and raise farm animals to trade with island residents. Turn your surroundings into a farm village and build everything you need to survive!
???? Hidden treasures all over the island. Discover ancient treasures and artifacts to exchange them for resources that will help you to build and decorate your farm town. Try to find them all!
⛲ A wide selection of decorations. Design your farmland with all kinds of beautiful decorations. Stand out from the crowd!
⛵Trading Deliveries for island residents. Trade resources and lend a helping hand! Сomplete orders to earn money and experience points.
???? Everything you find on the island is yours for the taking! Enjoy complete freedom of exploration! Discover the jungle island with the fearless Chibi explorers and help them solve puzzles along the way.

Do you want to solve the mystery of the ancient ruins on the paradise island full of dangers and wicked savages? The web of secrets and mysteries entangles every cave on the treasure island. Sometimes it seems that another part of the world is reflected here in the sunshine, surrounded by tropical jungle... Move inland and explore lost civilization with brave Chibi adventurers! Come and help them!

The island awaits! The Pyramid will only unveil its secrets to the most inquisitive and persevering explorers! Read more
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