Charades - Word Generator

Charades - Word Generator


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Charades - Word Generator game

Charades is the awesome non-talking party guessing game!

Charades is an extremely fun and addictive party guessing game for you, your friends and your family.

Charades can be played casually or in teams. When given a word you are supposed to let your team members guess the word by acting. The team that has all the words guessed in the least amount of time (or has the most words in an amount of time) wins! Charades easy to play and a lot of fun!

Many different ways to play! Play normal lists with over 700+ words! Play with categories such as animals, actions, cities, movies, people and more! You can even create your own lists!

This app is a word generator to your preferences. Choose your skill level and category or make your own lists! Generate endless words for endless fun with your friends and family. Can you guess all of the words?

- 1100+ words
- Word generator
- Play in categories
- Actions
- Animals
- Cities
- Movies
- People
- Sayings
- Creating your own lists
- Multiple language support
- English
- Dutch
- Charades
- Hints
- Acting Read more
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