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Card Sequence game

Match board squares to your cards and get row of 5 counters before the computer.

AD-FREE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE - search for “Card Sequence Deluxe” in the Google Play Store.

Card Sequence is a free version of a classic strategy card/board game, the object of which is to place counters on the board to form lines of five adjacent counters in any direction - horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Each line of five counters is called a "sequence" and to win a game the player must form a specified number of sequences (1, 2 or 3) before the computer opponent.

The board has 100 squares consisting of 96 playing card pictures plus 4 corner squares. Each card in a standard pack of playing cards is represented twice on the board, with the exception of the Jacks which have no matching squares (see later). The four corner squares are "wild cards". No counters can be played on them, but any line of four adjacent counters plus a corner square also forms a sequence.

Each player is initially dealt seven cards from a double pack of 104 playing cards. The cards the player holds determine which board squares the player may play a counter on. At each turn the player plays a card from his hand, puts a counter on one of the matching squares on the board and receives a replacement card. Play alternates between human and computer players with each player trying to form his own sequences of five adjacent counters (or four plus a corner square), while also trying to block sequences that the other player is trying to form.

The Jack cards have special values in Card Sequence:

* Playing a "Two-eyed" Jack (Jack of Clubs or Diamonds) allows the player to place a counter on any unoccupied square on the board.

* Playing a "One-eyed" Jack (Jack of Hearts or Spades) allows the player to remove any one of the other player's counters, provided it does not already form part of a sequence. Note that when playing a one-eyed Jack, the player does not also play one of his own counters.

Features of this version of the game include:

* Play anywhere - no Internet access required.

* Higher resolution images of the cards and board than other versions.

* The computer player uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to provide three levels of computer player skill. Can you beat the computer at the highest level?

* The game controls have been carefully optimised for ease of play on all sizes of screen. For example the board cards matching a selected card are automatically highlighted and one -eyed and two-eyed Jacks are colour coded for ease of recognition. Read more
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