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Call Roadside Assistance 24/7 Emergency Automotive Services

MrQuickPick® USA is a National Service Provider for the USA's major auto clubs. Our services include auto lockout, battery jump start, tire change and fuel delivery. App includes our new Roadside Refund feature for any out-of-pocket expenses. Covered motorists can now email their service receipt directly "from app to agent" to request lightning fast reimbursement from their insurance agency!

Roadside Refund? Did you know…

Most drivers have some type of roadside assistance coverage as part of their auto insurance policy. Even car manufacturers offer these plans with their auto loans. But did you know that most service calls are simply funneled to one of a few major roadside assistance dispatch companies?

Back in the good old days the car manufacturers had their own fleet of service providers. You called Mercedes for a jumpstart and a Mercedes tech would arrive on scene to diagnose the situation. But those days are long gone!

Nowadays everyone is waiting in the same long line for service. Maybe you’ve already been there. Maybe you’ve waited an hour or two (or more) for a simple jumpstart or tire change but did you know… you have options!

Most roadside assistance policies will allow you to call for service on your own and get reimbursed with your receipt. That’s right! No more waiting hours in line for the next available provider. You simply make a call, get a receipt and submit to your insurance agency for reimbursement. Sounds easy? Well we just made it easier!

With the new MrQuickPick® app you can submit your receipt at the time of service… right from the app to your insurance agency. We call it Roadside Refund. Check it out here and download the app for fast local service!

If you are interested in Becoming a Roadside Assistance Entrepreneur contact us to Start Your Own Roadside Assistance Service Business. Stop working for someone else because "if you don't own the business you're just running for gas money!" Read more
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