Bunga Jodoh - Find my Soulmate

Bunga Jodoh - Find my Soulmate


Bunga Jodoh is a free dating application for those who are ready to get married.

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Bunga Jodoh - Find my Soulmate app

Every one of us who have grown up and are fairly established in the future will have plans to get married, but I see there are still many people who are single or unmarried as well. Maybe their struggle to find true love has not been maximized, it could be due to being too busy with their work, not having lots of associations, being too picky, around where they live dominate people with different beliefs and so on. Seeing things like this, we as social beings certainly have a sense of concern to be able to provide help to them, especially if they are one of those close and dear to us. So, because of that I have a brilliant idea to help them by creating a dating application called this bunga jodoh.

bunga jodoh is an online matchmaking application for those who are ready to get married. There are at least three system flows for finding a mate in this application;
First, matchmaking interest can find a partner that is considered the most suitable for us with an algorithm of compatibility questions.

Second, matchmaking interest can filter the pairs based on the criteria we want. For example, we want him to be the same religion, not a smoker, to have the same level of education and so on.

Third, bunga jodoh can find the closest partner to the same regency or city where we live, so by looking for this closest mate, we don't need to be bothered anymore with the distance to meet.

Now, after going through some of the flow of the system above, now it is up to us to choose the right lover in our hearts by using the acquaintance feature. With this feature, many acquaintances that we can choose from and selected acquaintances can consider it by accepting introductions from us or not. If the introduction is accepted, then we can then see the complete profile that was previously hidden from the public, such as complete identity, special information, cellphone number, home address, and so on. We can also start interacting via chat with him, and this can all be done for free!

Oh yeah, to chat can be done outside the contact list if you and the other members are online.

Welcome to join and hope you can find the best match here. Thank you. :) Read more
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