BrightID - Identity Network

BrightID - Identity Network


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Identity network providing the benefits of being verified as a unique person.

A Brightid is a personal identifier that allows you to receive rights and benefits based on your ability to prove that you're a unique person.*

Unlike a government identifier such as a Social Security Number, a BrightID is self-issued and verified by close friends or relatives. Personal data is not shared with a central organization.

To become verified and receive a BrightID score, make connections and form groups with the people you already know well. Groups are usually small (3-10 people) and are used only for verification. To learn more, read the BrightID whitepaper: .

Your BrightID has an associated score which represents your likelihood of being a unique person in the network. BrightID holders join groups and make connections to increase their scores.

*To see which organizations are participating in BrightID benefits, visit the BrightID website at


The name and photo you enter in BrightID are only shared with people in your personal connections list. Your name and photo are not stored or used by BrightID outside of your device. Read more
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