Bricks vs Balls Breaker

Bricks vs Balls Breaker


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Bricks vs Balls Breaker game

The most addictive brick breaker puzzle game offline! Aim, shoot & break bricks!

Bricks vs Balls Breaker is the most addictive Bricks Breaker game. Like bricks and balls game?Try this Brick Breaker game, Bricks vs Balls Breaker will make you fun! New versions of Bricks and Balls and more bricks levels will added soon!
As the top bricks and balls game, Bricks vs Balls Breaker is a classic but new bricks breaker puzzle game for FREE! It would be nice if you like To be a brick breaker or bricks ball crusher. Just play it to relax your brain. Focus on breaking bricks and you will find Bricks vs Balls Breaker is challenging.

Bricks vs Balls Breaker Game features:
- Free to play.
- No WiFi needed.
- Lot's of balls and bricks props.
- Hundreds of well designed bricks stage.
- Balls of various shapes.
- Wonderful physics experience.

How to play Bricks vs Balls Breaker:
- Bumping bricks with balls to cause damage to bricks
- Bricks break will -1 per collision, when balls to 0, brick breaks.
- When the bricks reach the bottom, the game ends.
- Break all bricks, the game pass.
- Continue to next bricks stage use different ball.

Bricks vs Balls is an addictive bricks breaker game like bricks ball crusher, bricks and balls game. Funny for shooting balls, break bricks with balls to crush them all bricks.

Download the Bricks vs Balls Breaker for free now.Many bricks and balls props will help you to pass the bricks levels! The Bricks vs Balls Breaker is a free balls vs bricks breaker game to play and also simple for kids.
Blasting fun with the bricks and balls game, Bricks VS Balls now, If you have any questions,please contact us through the in-game email! Read more
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