BPM Mate: Heart Rate Monitor

BPM Mate: Heart Rate Monitor


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BPM Mate: Heart Rate Monitor app

The real-time heart rate monitor by your side

Please Note:
The app is not designed for medical purposes.
This app is not intended for any heart disease or condition diagnosis.
If you need help, please consult your doctor or primary care physician.
This app does not detect blood pressure.
This app may cause the LED flash to be very hot.

There are many steps you should take to help protect your heart if you work at a desk. Why not take advantage of the things around you to record your pulse?

No need to read complex instructions, you can easily detect heart rate with BPM Mate placing your index finger on the camera lens and getting the result after a short wait.

Measuring your heart rate is a good way to gauge heart condition, and it can help track trends and patterns that are personal to you.

Main Features
-Real-time Monitor
Keeping track of your every heartbeat. Your records in different states help us make a more precise analysis of your heart condition, and useful suggestions can be targeted given according to measuring data.

-History Tracker
Check the measurement history displayed by the chart.BPM Mate allows you to record, analyze and share your heart rate information with your phone device. By viewing history records, you can have a clearer understanding of the heart condition.

How To Use
First, make sure your fingers are not cold. When checking your pulse, place your finger on the back camera lens so it completely covers the lens.
Press lightly with your fingers. Pressing too hard may affect blood flow and hence making it more difficult to obtain accurate results.
Hold your device steady until the measurement is complete. Read more
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