Bounty Solitaire : Money Games

Bounty Solitaire : Money Games


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Bounty Solitaire : Money Games game

Play bounty solitaire to win cash jackpot and enjoy play game to earn real money

A classical game of Solitaire with money earning features playable on mobile.

Fans of Solitaire and other poker card themed games will love playing this mobile game as it allows them to take advantage of their card playing hobby to win money without the risk of spending or losing any. Bounty Solitaire doesn't just feature the classical card game of the same name. It also features slot machines and ticket draws that players can use as an alternative way of winning money.

Bounty Solitaire features:

The main focus of this mobile game is Solitaire. A classical card game that can be played with poker cards although it is more popularly played on computers than at clubs. It is played by mixing up a deck of poker cards and trying to put the deck back together by assembling the cards numerically from the ace to the king according to suit. There is a timer that will record how long it took you to complete the process but it won't affect overall gameplay too much so feel free to ignore it. You start by trying to locate the aces of the four different suits and place them in the top left hand corner. Then you try to find the other cards until you are able to complete the deck. There's a small stack of cards in the upper right hand corner that you can browse through to find the cards you want. The remaining cards are all stacked in piles and need to be uncovered one by one. In order to uncover cards hidden beneath the pile you need to move the cards on top of them by arranging them numerically but that task is made difficult by the fact that you need to alternate the colors of the cards if you want to stack them by pile. For example a red queen that is either from the suit of heart or suit of diamonds can only be stacked on top of a black king that is either from the suit of spades or suit of clubs. So completing the process of arranging the cards is a lot harder than it looks and requires no small amount of critical thinking skills from the player.

What makes Bounty Solitaire unique from regular Solitaire is the fact that gift cards are hidden among the poker cards in the piles and by uncovering those gift cards you get a chance to win money credits or amazon credits or coins. Every move you make while arranging the cards may trigger an event that allows you to receive money credits or amazon credits or coins. If you feel stuck then you can choose to start over a new game anytime you want without losing the money you've already earned. The best part is that when you finally finish a game of Solitaire you are automatically taken to a spinning wheel that lets you win either tools to make Solitaire playing easier or money credits or amazon credits or coins.

If you don't feel like playing Solitaire to win money then you can try your luck at the slot machines or ticket draws both of which are features that allow you to obtain money faster. Bounty Solitaire features a number of slot machines and the prizes that you earn from activating them ranges from tickets that can be used for the ticket draw feature to money credits that can be converted into paypal cash. You can also win amazon credits that can be turned into amazon gift cards from the slot machines. Each slot machine has a jackpot prize money that can be won by players lucky enough to hit a triple 7. There are two slot machines that award $150 worth of money credits as the jackpot prize while the remaining slot machines award only $50 worth of money credits. The slot machines will need time to cool down after use so can choose to play Solitaire while waiting for the slot machines to refresh.

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*This game does not cost any real money.
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