Bounce Electric Scooter Rental

Bounce Electric Scooter Rental


Hassle-free, affordable commute. Rent electric scooters & bikes daily/monthly.

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With Bounce, you can commute in your city in the most affordable and convenient way. For everyday rides to the office, park, mall, metro or bus stop, just pick up a Bounce! ????

Bounce is a smart mobility service with an all-electric fleet of scooters that can be picked up anywhere & dropped off in any safe parking area. Our scooters are available for self drive all across the city. Check the app now and you will find a scooter within walking distance from you. Users just have to reserve a scooter on the app, walk up to the selected scooter, unlock the scooter via Bluetooth and boom! Your trip has started. No waiting, no cancellation!

With a 6 million strong community in Bangalore and Vijayawada, Bounce’s scooter rental service is helping transform mobility for thousands of daily commuters by providing a more affordable alternative commute to autos and cabs. Bounce is also the most convenient ride in town - just grab your helmet and hop on a bounce to travel anywhere you need to.

Why Bounce Scooter Rentals?

• Affordable: Bounce is one of the most economic scooter rentals in Bengaluru and Vijayawada.
• Convenient: Our scooters can be picked up and dropped in any safe parking area, giving you first and last-mile connectivity.
• Flexible: With Bounce, you won’t have to wait for your ride or fear cancellations. You can simply bounce anywhere, anytime – on your own terms.
• Safe & independent: Bounce scooters encourage social distancing in these distressing times, and also help you take control of your ride, without depending on others.
• Eco-friendly: Our fleet is fully electric, helping you save the world, while you save on commuting!

Who is Bounce made for? / Who can Bounce?

???? Anyone who wants to travel from one point to another, at any time and anywhere.
⏰ For those who hate to wait or fear cancelled rides – we hear you.
???? For super savers who can save on every ride with our daily offers and economic rides.
???? For the eco-friendly heroes who can contribute towards saving the planet by simply bouncing and reducing CO2 emissions.
???? For those who put safety and health first – by ensuring social distancing and riding on your own terms.

Get all the benefits of owning a scooter from a rental bike.

One scooter – many ways to Bounce

1) Daily commute - Your search for a "scooter rental near me" ends here. This option is perfect for an effortless commute where you can pick up and drop the scooter in any safe parking area. You can also avail your first ride for free.

2) Short-term rentals - With this option, you can save extra by booking your scooter for the desired duration (anywhere between 2-6 hours). No security deposits and no extra costs for making multiple stops.

3) Long-term rentals - Rent a scooter for a month with long-term scooter rentals. Commute daily to work or college, minus the hassle of maintenance costs.

4) Bounce Club passes - Save extra on every ride with Bounce Club. You could even get up to 50% off on your rides with our monthly passes.

Bounce in 3 Steps (and you won’t stop, we promise!)

1. Upload your driver’s license for a quick KYC approval.
2. Swipe to select your nearest ride, enter your destination and book the ride.
3. Tap on the route map to walk to the scooter, swipe to unlock and start your ride.

Bounce is easy, affordable and moves with a single mission of making commuting a fundamental right, one ride at a time.

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