Bomba Drink: Drinking Games

Bomba Drink: Drinking Games


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Bomba Drink: Drinking Games game

Party game for a group

Bomba Drink is a drinking game fun and exciting for you and your friends! that transform your smartphone into a fun Bomb!. Play with friends and family.

In teams or one by one follow the rules and pass the bomb before it explodes in your hands.

Is a completely new concept for party games and drinking games. The idea is that your phone turns into a bomb which is going to explode if someone fails to answer a question. There are questions are quite tricky and also there are simple questions, if a player doesn’t know the answer or takes too much time to think it through, he or she drink (in shots or sips). To Hot Potato style

New game modes added: Battle Royale and Teams
New and fun categories added: Animals, Sports, Anime, Movies, Videogames, Music, Math, Epic.

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