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Ideas of stylish blonde hair in all shades of blond color.

There is a wide variety of hair color options for blondes. So warm shades for light hair - it's beige, wheaten, golden, honey, and cool shades of blond - ash blond, platinum blonde, silvery.

This year's trend continues to be braided braids in the style of the Boho. In this case, the hair is slightly released from the twist, making it more voluminous. There is a massive variety of weaving braids for blondes - it can be just one or two braids, or a few braids are created together, and even a whole composition on the head, woven from braids. So the hair can be decorated with various accessories, feathers, flowers, etc.

To have the blonde hairstyle, you have to be willing! In addition to ensuring that hair is always beautiful and healthy, there is an extra concern: to prevent the hair from becoming greenish. That's why many women avoid wetting their hair when they go to the beach or pool.

Every blond-haired diva, whether in a global fashion (all-one-color only) or just with strands, gets even more prominent when the strands get well-styled and elaborate hairstyles. If you have a fancy party or wedding at the weekend and are still planning what to wear, take a look at the super gift that we have prepared for you to get inspired! Then take the picture to your hairdresser or try to make it at home.

In this application, we show you the most beautiful photos of haircuts and blond hair and the best ideas for dyeing hair. Here you will find ideas for both long and short hair. We have collected all the most fashionable and actual hairstyles of the new season especially for you! Read more
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