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Beep! Fines, Parking, Fuel


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Beep! Fines, Parking, Fuel app

Car services: Europrotocol, petrol stations, fuel delivery, car valuation

Beep! - is a free application that makes owning and driving a car more enjoyable, simpler and cheaper. With Beep! you can: buy car insurance online, pay traffic fines, search for petrol stations and car parks, call for a tow truck or other roadside assistance and register a European Protocol in the event of a minor accident - all on one platform!

Car owners encounter many car-related issues: fines, finding available parking, buying insurance, expensive fuel, breakdowns and other pains.

With Beep! there is now a convenient way to solve these everyday issues:

Car insurance
Buy compulsory (CMTPL), voluntary (VMTPL) car insurance or CASCO in 5 minutes without visiting an insurance company. Simply choose the insurance type you need, or get all 3 types for extra security. Then set the insurance limits and select the most convenient way to pay: once upfront or with monthly payments. Your insurance policy will always be available in your phone. We will also remind you to renew the policy 30 days before it expires.

European Protocol
You can use the application to register an electronic European Protocol which you can use to settle a minor accident without the police and speed up MTPL insurance payments.

Check for / be notified about any traffic fines and pay them online. To do this, you need to add your car registration number and all data will be pulled from the state register automatically. Data on overspeeding should appear in the application within two hours of the violation.

Search for car parks within a given radius, obtain information about the cost and additional services and use the map to navigate a route to your chosen car park.

Fuel Station
Search for the nearest fuel station and receive up-to-date information on fuel prices and services from WOG, OKKO, BRSM, SHELL, UKRNAFTA, SOCAR, AMIC, KLO, MOTTO and other petrol stations.

Fuel delivery
If you have run out of fuel and are unable to get to the nearest fuel station, we can always help and arrange for the necessary type of fuel to be delivered directly to your car.

Tow Truck
If you have broken down, we can determine your location and promptly dispatch a tow truck to you.

Wheel replacement
If you have a flat tyre or damaged your wheel, we can send a specialist to help you get back on the road.

Unlocking Service
If you are locked out of your car, you can use the services of an emergency car opening specialist.

Help on the road 24/7
Our convenient application can be used anytime, anywhere.
Help should arrive within 30 minutes and is available throughout Ukraine.

Car valuation and sale
Want to know how much is your car? Get an instant car valuation based on the current statistics from AUTO.RIA. You can also sell your car using the app. Simply fill out a short form and our experts will help you turn your car into cash.

Car leasing
When it is time to get a new car, leasing it the best way to drive away with a new vehicle. Fill out a leasing application in the app and get a free consultation from our experts. We will help you buy and register the car in just one day.

Emergency Roadside Assistance
If you are unable to identify or describe the cause of the problem with your car, our support operator will contact you and help you determine the best way to solve the issue, or advise you on how to resolve it yourself.

Additional benefits for Beep users!

Promotions and gifts in the application
Be the first to know about exciting promotional offers, invite your friends to the app, and receive gifts.

“365 Roadside Assistance” Package”
Get free and unlimited access to basic roadside assistance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve our service.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please message us at [email protected] or via a special form in the application Read more
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