Baldi Birthday Basic Bash Party

Baldi Birthday Basic Bash Party


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Baldi Birthday Basic Bash Party game

Baldi Basic Birthday Bash party: Basically body baldy, scazy teacher, baldo fnaf

*** Baldi Birthday Basic Bash Party ***

Welcome to Birthday Bash party now.. It's Baldi Birthday Basic Bash party today. is the badi baldo game with awkward bodyspace and sonic boise.

Baldi Basic Birthday Bash party is the 1-year anniversary edition of Baldi Basics Education & Learning game. To celebrate, Baldi is throwing a party. You want to know how does baldi celebrate his birthday bash party? Just download this baldi basic birthday bash game now!

NEW UPDATES: Baldi Birthday Basic Bash Party
- Kindness wins all: kill math teacher and professor x.
- Bobby schoolhouse: piggy roblox and baldina kill baldi.
- Old school house: fascination granny math teacher and kill buldi mathcraft.
- 666 awkward basics: baldi camping and baldis basic in education.
- Teacher call: awkward baldina and bali basics.
- Basic learning: math school and mastering math teacher.
- Barney going camping: branny kill baldi and baldi's basics game
- Principal job game: balti bandy and buldi barney’s.
- Playtime mode: baldi trip and baldi's basics game.
- 40 aldi games: Professor spacey and baldina school house.

Baldi Basic Birthday Bash has two modes, story mode and endless

Basically endless mode:
In endless mode is a challenge to see how many notebooks you can collect before being caught by Baldi Birthday Bash. Over time Baldi will speed up, but each time you successfully solve the problems in a notebook he'll slow down. The longer you can keep his speed down, the more notebooks you can collect!
Basically Story mode:

In story mode requires you to collect 7 notebooks and then escape the school to win. The more notebooks you collect, the faster Baldi basic will become! Simple, but very challenging.
You'll need to learn all the ins-and-outs of the game to come up with a winning strategy and avoid being caught by Baldi.
So, what are you waiting for guys?

Now, let's download and play Baldi Birthday Basic Bash Party:
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