Background player for Youtube Vanced minimizer

Background player for Youtube Vanced minimizer


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Background player for Youtube Vanced minimizer app

Listen to music from YoutTube Vanced in the background with the Minimizer

Play your favorite songs in the background. Suggest new music and playlists that match your musical tastes, or just create your own.

Thanks to the background player (Minimize YouTube in background) you can use other apps while you continue listening to free music from Youtube.


Play in background / Minimize - listen to free music from YouTube and continue using your smartphone normally (Floating Player)

Discover music - discover the latest charts, playlists, albums, tracks & artist pages

Search - find your favorite songs in millions of songs on YouTube. Discover new music suggested to you.

My Music - subscribe to channels (Artists, Generes) & save finished and own playlists

Playlists - discover ready-made playlists that match your music taste and create and manage your own playlists

Save energy - use our energy saving mode and save your battery


Minimized Background Player
in this mode, the app is minimized and the video on your phone or tablet is displayed in a small window in the background. So you can keep using your device while you listen to music.

- Artists, Albums, Tracks & Playlists
- let an artist show you all albums and songs and subscribe to the artist in "My Music".
- discover the TOP artists in hundreds of genres

- find your favourite songs in millions of songs on YoutTube
- find playlists, albums and similar artists

My music
- subscribe artists and genres
- save finished playlists from YouTube and create your own playlists

- Add and remove songs to playlists with one click
- add finished playlists from YouTube to "My Music
- Play tracks in your playlist one after the other or listen to them randomly

Saving energy
- if you click lock in the video player, the brightness of your phone will be reduced. This allows you to continue listening to your free music with as little power consumption as possible.
- the screen is also locked but the video can still be seen

YouTube Content
- Since the MU Vanced App accesses the content on YouTube, we have to follow YouTube's guidelines!
- When playing the music, the video must always be visible.
- The app does NOT offer the possibility to download or save video or audio files.
- All videos come directly from YouTube. We cannot add, modify or delete videos.
- We have no control over the advertising displayed and played on YouTube videos. Read more
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