Baby Sound Sleeper-White Noise

Baby Sound Sleeper-White Noise


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Baby Sound Sleeper-White Noise app

This app helps baby sleep easily.Sound sleeper,nature sounds and white noise.

Your baby born new and cries and don't sleep.This app is for you.That will help you.Sounds added that will help child's calm.This app has sound sleeper.

The sounds in the application are similar to the sounds in the mother's womb. For example, noises such as a hair dryer or white noise make the baby feel comfortable and easily stop crying and sleep due to their similarity to the sounds in the mother's womb.

Water, waterfall, raing ,dryer,ocean,refrigerator ,shower ,vacuum cleaner,white noise and more in app.

It is very easy to use. Put your phone at a distance, select the sound you want, and then choose the duration over time. You will find your child stops screaming for a short time and falls asleep.

You can go through the developer email below with us, send comments and anything else here. We wish your baby a joyful day without crying. Read more
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