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Animate should be easy -Make a video of your avatar animation

AVAcut is a zero-based animation editor available for all mobile devices, We want to provide a simple and efficient flow allowing newbie users to visualize their ideas, just like a brain projector. Animate is easy.

- Newbie friendly!
In AVAcut, everyone is an animation editor
Thanks to AVAcut's special animation engine, we simplified the traditional animating process. You can quickly get started even with absolutely no background in animating. Cut, merge, and make your fantasy come true today.

- Infinite potential
In AVAcut, everyone is a creator
Whether you want to make music videos, memes, introductions, new challenges or more, we provide tools for you to unlock your potential!

- Trend leader
In AVAcut, everyone is an influencer
You might be funny, dramatic, heartfelt, or just eager to start some new adventures. You can always be creative with us and join the very next entertainment trend!

- Anime focused
In AVAcut, everyone is an anime expert!
We can equip you as an anime expert, meet all other anime lovers and find everything you want here with us!

- Tons of templates
In AVAcut, everyone is an artist!
With thousands of backgrounds, hundreds of character assets and camera styles from professional studios, we guarantee the beauty of your works.

The AVA is a 2D virtual character system driven by skeletal rigging. It helps users create characters(put make up on and dress them up) more easily and then place them in scenes to act out plots. There are two editions of our animation editors: BASIC and ADVANCED. The basic option offers tons of templates, shot presets and transitions to the user allowing them to create anime and now is available on the app. The advanced one allows the user to edit all the elements, keyframes and layers on every single scene. But it is still a work in progress. Read more
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