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Animals & Birds Ringtones


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Animals & Birds Ringtones app

Set animals & birds sounds and pictures as your phone ringtones and wallpapers.

Animals and Birds Ring Tones

◊ App Features List:
• High Density quality animals wallpapers and animals free ringtones for android phone
• Set animal ring tone as Incoming call ring tone, SMS message, phone clock alarm
• Wide collection of animals and birds ringtone sounds from around the world
• Add any animal free ring tone to your favorites ringtones list
• Change App theme color
• Support all play store languages
• original animals and birds ringtones
• Tap “i” to read information about the animal.
• High density animal and birds wall papers
• Free ringtones for all phones and tablets
• Thousands of high density animals and birds wallpapers for home or lock screen of your mobile phone.

Many of us likes to have unique music phone ringtones so that when we get call from our phone contacts we may amuse ourselves with the beautiful melodious music ringtones. Some like natural sounds like animals sounds and birds sounds as their phone ring tones. For phone clock alarm a natural sound like loud rooster call sound is liked. For incoming SMS notification sound, often a short natural voice like Asian Koel is favorite for many people.
This free animals ringtone downloader app offers 170+ animals & birds ringtones including famous prehistoric dinosaurs sounds and animals wallpapers.
This animal ringtones is a fun app as well as a learning tool to get familiar with animal pictures, sounds and detailed information. It has animals and birds wallpapers and sounds. Tap “ play ” icon on any animal image to run animal ringtone music sound. Tap “phone Icon to explore the option to set this animal sound your android default phone ringtone, SMS notification or phone clock alarm. Explore beautiful animals and birds wall papers and set any of them as Phone home or lock screen wall paper.
Name any farm animal or a pet store animal, this app contains its sound and wallpapers.

◊ Animals sounds as Mobile phone ringtones.
Select a free ringtone, notification or alarm sounds from 150+ high density (HD) animal sounds and surprise your friends with lion growl, rooster crowing, mooing cow, dog barking, cat purring sound, birds chirping, dinosaurs roaring and many other animal sounds as ringtones for your android phone. Set animals calls as phone alarm ringtones.
◊ Animals pictures as mobile phone screen wallpaper.
This Animals & Birds ringtones app has 1500+ high density animal wallpapers.

◊ Animal ring tones:
Animals ringtones sounds have been categorized into following so that user may find his favorite animal sound easily.
• Farm animals (goat, bull, donkey, rooster, hen, pig, sheep, cow)
• Water animals (dolphin fish, beluga, orca, penguin, seal, whale)
• Wild animals ( Lion, elephant, tiger, zebra, giraffe, bear, baboon)
• Pet animals (Dog, puppy, cat, parrot)
• Reptiles & amphibians (crocodile, komodo dragon, frog, turtle, chameleon, snake)
• Insects (beetle, bee, cricket, fly, grasshopper, mosquito)

◊ Birds ringtones:
• Birds ( Parrot, Asia koel, wren, pigeon, cuckoo, eagle, sparrow)
• Water Birds (penguin, duck, seagull, puffin,swan, flamingo, grebe, pelican)

◊ Dinosaurs sounds ringtones:
Famous Jurassic park dinosaurs ringtones & wallpapers are added

◊ How to use Animals ringtones:
1- Tap mobile phone icon of any animal or bird ringtone card
2- Set as phone default ringtone or
3- Set as any phone contact ringtone or
4- Set as SMS/notification alert or
5- Set as phone alarm clock or
6- Set your pet animal or bird beautiful wallpaper as your phone home or lock screen wallpaper.

Listen to the favorite animal voices and enjoy the HD animal sounds free ringtones in your phone.

◊ Contact us:
Email your feedback or you want us to add your favorite animal sounds in this app kindly write us at
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