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Control maps, media and messaging, with the Google Assistant while you drive

Android Auto Apk - The Best Assistant Apps For Drivers You Need To Know


Android Auto has now become the best assistant apps for drivers in the world. Let’s see which are the special features of the apps from Google.

Android Auto stands for "Android Automobile", which is a useful app for people who want to do many tasks while they are driving. Understanding the development speed and how multitask people are, Google has created an app to make life easier for drivers. 

Android Auto is a smart driving companion that helps you everything through Google Assistant. You can do almost everything by screen touching or voicing with a virtual assistant. So how can this app help you? What are the most unique features of Android Auto? Let's check it out in the below article. 


Android Auto Apk – Main features

Android Auto Apk is made for drivers, so the apps and the ways it works will support around them. What does a driver need?


Indeed, every driver needs a map that shows them directions, navigations, and the places they want to go. The apps also show how heavy of the upcoming traffic, then give suggestions to drivers. Maybe you are familiar with some locations, you cannot be aware of unexpected things that happen on the road. Notably, Android Auto Apk provides real-time data without delays, which is excellent!

 Calendar, appointment, reminder

Is today your best friend's birthday? You have an important appointment with a client tomorrow? Or you want to get your car checked and repaired in the next two days, but no one reminds you? Let’s get all done with the support of Android Auto Apk. It helps and reminds you of some special events that you've already added in the phone. 

 News, score, result

Real-time weather, breaking news, live score, results of the matches are the third essential features of Android Auto Apk. They are all shown on the screen, which is very convenience. 

 Calls, messaging

This is the feature I like most: text and call without a touch! Accordingly, you will need Google Assistant to do the tasks after you activate it by voice. Say “Ok Google” to turn on the virtual assistant. Access the Android message apps to read, text, and send the messages. For calls, access the contacts and say the name you want to call. 

However, when receiving an upcoming call, you must click by your hand. The assistant only shows the person who is calling but cannot pick up the phone. 


What to notice:
  • Android Auto Apk only works on Android 5.0 or higher
  • There are now over 400 car models supported to be compatible with Android Auto Apk
  • You will need a USB connection between your phone and the car to set up the apps
 Key features - Google assistant

We must say that Google has taken advantage of their assistant and brings it to the apps for drivers. As you may know, Google Assistant is a virtual app which was released on Android smartphones first (like Siri in iPhone). Its mission is to help people with simple tasks when their hands are too busy. We actually don't use this much in a phone, but when driving, we do. 

Driving a long way requires concentration and sometimes makes stress for people. Also, you are limited to do other things while driving because of safety. Now, Google Assistant is available on the car, which seems to be very comfortable and useful for drivers. 

It helps people stay concentrated on the road but also entertained through music apps and news. You will feel rest assured when driving as you can handle more tasks with just voicing and simple taps. Music, radio, news, live scores, etc., are available in your car and can be activated with only one click or voice. 

Nowadays, though some cars are supported with modern equipment which can help you do many tasks, Android Auto Apk is outstanding as it has Google Assistant. But does this apps have any disadvantages? 

Android Auto Apk - Inconvenience when using an app


Too much Google Assistant

Yes, there are too many things requiring Google Assistant to active. But as said previously, Google has made this app to reduce the touching times as little as possible. Most of the tasks should be launched by voice, but this might cause some inconvenience to people who don’t get used to speaking to Google Assistant.

For example, when tapping Google News or Calendar, you will eventually interact with Google Assistant, but cannot access the apps immediately. Moreover, while you can active virtual assistant by voice, there is also a Google Assistant icon at the right corner in the bottom bar. So what is the point here?

 Display Screen – Icons on the left sides

For some car models, the screen is a bit deeper with covers at the sides. This means you will find it hard to see features or icons at the left corners if they are too small. Android Auto Apk has this disadvantage. 

If you notice, the time is shown at the high left corner and your sight might get limited from the driving seat. This is inconvenient as the clock is generally on the top middle of the screen, but now it's on the left and makes you hard to see. 

As you can see, there are a few disadvantages of Android Auto Apk, but overall is excellent. However, we would want a flexible design and settings on the screen so that we can access the apps more easily and comfortably. 

 Final words

Android Auto Apk is now the best assistant apps for drivers. It has unique feature that not many other apps have – Google Assistant. With this supporter, you can almost do every simple task on the phone while staying focus on the road. From now on, your life will be more comfortable with Android Auto Apk. 

This app also has some obstacles, but there are not many. When you are used to it, you will find it stunning and extremely helpful. What are you waiting for? Let’s download Android Auto Apk and set a new world inside your car!

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