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Real time, Portable, Accurate and Adaptive Air Quality Analytics for Delhi

Air Cognizer is an Air Quality Analytics Application which uses smartphone camera images to estimate the Air Quality Index (AQI) levels.
The user is required to click an image in open environment with half of the image covering the sky region.
Using image processing techniques, features are extracted and the Machine Learning Model estimates the AQI for your location.

Air Cognizer Features:
1. Real time AQI : Know the air you are breathing and get notified about the adverse health effects it can have.

2. Portable : No device is needed, you just need your smartphone camera to know the quality of air.

3. Adaptive : Air Cognizer uses an adaptive model for each user.

4. Accurate : Our adaptive algorithms ensure to provide you with the best possible results.

Besides this Air Cognizer is simple to use and is free!

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